Italian conversation (intermediate / advanced level - free service)

Description of the service: This is an online conversation service using Skype. The service is aimed at intermediate and advanced level students, that is at people who are already capable of understanding at least a little Italian.

How to access the service:

1) If you haven't got Skype, download it for free.

2) Send your data to insegnante(at), specifying:
- your Skype ID;
- the date and time when you would like to be contacted by the online teacher for your first, free trial meeting. In order to be sure that the teacher will also be available you may indicate a number of preferred times. You can choose whatever day of the week and any time between 9.00 am and 9.00 pm.
N.B. The times indicated are Italian times.

3) The teacher will send you a message by e-mail to confirm the date and time of the trial meeting.

4) At the agreed time, connect with Skype and look for the online teacher with the puntolingua ID.
The purpose of this initial meeting is to check technical feasibility (sound quality, possible camera use) before booking a conversation package.

5) If the technical trial goes well, the user will receive an e-mail with a booking form for the service.

Tariff: €18 + VAT (equal to 19%) per conversation (45 minutes). Minimum number of meetings bookable: 4.
Advance payment by bank transfer or PayPal (+ 3.5%).

Read the online teacher profile here.

Esercizi per principianti (A1-A2)

Esercizi di livello intermedio (B1-B2)

Esercizi di livello avanzato (C1-C2)

Test di livello


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